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How To Select A Perfect Laptop According To Your Needs

How To Select A Perfect Laptop According To Your Needs
How To Select A Perfect Laptop According To Your Needs

The very first step would be asking a question for yourself, for what purposes do I need a laptop? and in general, you would land into these 4 categories.

For simple usage like e-mails and creating simple documents and use of few software (not a heavy one) and just to store their files.
For watching movies, medium heavy software (which have its extracted size less than 2GB-3GB) and little games.

Pro gamers(extracted game size more than 50GB) and people who are working on simulation-based software or else working on 3D modeling software like 3D Maya so basically everything needs heavy graphics and RAM.
These people don't exactly know why they want a laptop? They would just go to a mall or shop and ask the salesperson to give them a good laptop.

Category 1:-

You are well aware of what are your needs and its basic, a simple laptop with 2-4GB ram would do you work and a laptop with Intel Atom / Intel Celeron or AMD Radeon R2 processor is enough for you if you are in doubt that in future you need more software then buy a laptop with Intel i3 processor and at least 4GB ram integrated graphics would also do your work.

Category 2:-

For your usage, Intel i3 Processor minimum is a must and if you can afford for Intel i5 processor go for it, integrated Intel Graphics would work for you but having a dedicated graphics is a plus point, for further if you are low on budget get a laptop with dos and install windows yourself (win 7 is also good option) you could get dos laptop at 25k only and after installation of windows and increasing its ram manually its performance would be comparable to a 45K laptop, for your usage you could get a laptop which won't cost more than 40,000 INR.

Category 3:-

As you use is heavy minimum Intel i5 processor is necessary and you must have an SSD hard disk attached to your laptop to further increase your laptop performance and a dedicated graphics is must there is no chance to rely on integrated graphics further minimum 8GB of RAM is necessary and consider getting a 4GB graphics card laptop, and this category also includes people who work in harsh weather conditions for them ThinkPad series from Lenovo is best, minimum cost for these laptops is around 55,000INR and maximum can go up to 3 lakhs too.

Category 4:-

As you have no idea what you want please don't go to mall and shop and ask salesperson for any good laptop before that at least do 1 day research on google on YouTube and then get one for you or else salesperson would give you a laptop which is not being sold and you would be at loss, or simply for good brand .

Thanks for reading this article if you are going to buy a laptop soon and are in doubt please mention that in comments,

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