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Top-5 most hated personalities of Pakistan

Pakistan has so many respectable & famous personalities, but in spite being fame there are few of them who disliked by Pakistani people. The reason is their modern thinking and liberal activities who not liked by the people of Pakistan.

Here, the list of that people :

Veena Malik

Veena Malik

Veena Malik is the most famous actress of Pakistan who has worked in Bollywood movies too. Due to her open mind thinking & showbiz activities, Pakistani people don’t like her. According to Pakistani people, she had done the shameless job in India and defamed the name of Pakistan.

Najam Sethi

Najam Sethi

Najam Sethi, currently serving as the chief of Pakistan cricket board is the famous journalistic personality of Pakistan. He disliked by the people of Pakistan because Pakistanis think that he is in favour of India and always advocates pro-Indian activities.

Hussain Haqqani

 Hussain Haqqani

Hussain Haqqani served as Pakistani ambassador to the United States from 13 April 2008 to 22 November 2011 was found the principal blamed in Memo Gate scandal. According to Pakistanis, he maligned Pakistan's image in the world.



Meera is the most popular actress in Pakistan as well as in subcontinent but she disliked by the people of Pakistan, due to her Bollywood film roles. Pakistanis think about them that she has been spoiled the image of Pakistan and Pakistani culture.

Marvi Sirmad:

Marvi Sirmad

Famous Journalist and Secular Humanist Marvi Sarmad are the most hated personalities of Pakistan. She is disliked by Pakistani for her secular ideologies. Marvi advocates a liberal and secular Pakistan.

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