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2.0 movie review Live Updates: Audience Reaction On Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar Starrer

2.0 movie review Live Updates
2.0 movie review Live Updates

There's no denying the fact that 2.0 is one of the biggest and most ambitious Tamil films in the recent times. Shankar's magnum opus has created a great deal of buzz amongst the movie buffs because of its awesome posters and impressive trailer. The film brings together the legendary Rajinikanth and the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and this has added to the buzz big time. A sequel to the 2010 release Enthiran/Robot, 2.0 is slated to hit the screens on Thursday(November 29, 2018). And, now, its FIRST REVIEW is out.

A Sure Shot Blockbuster

According to the noted film journalist Umair Sandu, 2.0 is a sure shot blockbuster and bears testimony to Rajinikanth's star power. He further added that he no other actor could have pulled off the film with such ease.

His Exact Words

"First Review #2Point0 from UAE Censor Board ! #2Point0 is a #Rajinikant show from start to end. And no other actor, not from Bollywood at least, would be able to do what he does with such amazing ease."

Akshay's Terrific

Umair Sandhu also added that Akshay Kumar has made a solid impact with his terrific performance in what is the first Tamil film of his career.

"Review #2Point0 ! #AkshayKumar is menacing, ferocious and nails his part with precision. His transformation, a prerequisite for the character, makes him look powerful and unshakable. He Stole the Show all the way," he added.

Amy Is Convincing

The Brit beauty Amy Jackson too seems to have done a fabulous job in 2.0 and given strong proof of her abilities as an actress. Umair Sandhu described her act as 'convincing'.

"@iamAmyJackson looks stunning and acts most convincingly," Umair added.

He Added

"#Shankar ranks amongst India's best directors is well known by now and #2Point0 only cements the fact. His vision and execution of the difficult subject deserves the highest praise, in fact distinction marks.He not only dreams big, but the outcome is incredible too"

'A Crowd Pleasing' Film

On a concluding note, he said that 2.0 is a compelling film that is bound to 'please and satisfy' the masses because of its 'imaginative' screenplay and awesome concept.

"#2Point0 is a crowd-pleasing and hugely mass appealing tale of android revolution with a thrilling plot, rich and imaginative screenplay, super action, astounding effects and most importantly, #Rajnikant & #AkshayKumar, who is the soul of the film."

The Takeaway

If this review is antything to go by, Tamil cinema's greatest 'mass hero' is back in top form and there is no stopping him. 'Thalaiva' mania is all set to run wild again. Enough said!

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